Trump was right to put the Iran nuclear deal on death row (Fox News Opinion, 10/27/17)

By Fred Fleitz

President Trump was right to sharply criticize the 2015 international nuclear agreement with Iran Friday and say that Congress and other nations must set stricter conditions for Iranian behavior in order to keep the U.S. from withdrawing from the pact.

“However, in the event we are not able to reach a solution working with Congress and our allies, then the agreement will be terminated,” President Trump said. “It is under continuous review and our participation can be canceled by me as president at any time. As we have seen in North Korea, the longer we ignore a threat, the worse that threat becomes.”

I would have preferred President Trump to announce a clean withdrawal from the nuclear agreement, but I support his decision to give Congress and European leaders a final chance to fix it – even though the chances of this happening are extremely remote.

I applaud the president for calling out Iran for its sponsorship of terrorism, missile program and efforts to destabilize the Middle East. He explained clearly and accurately why the agreement designed to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons is in reality weak and dangerous.

The president’s compelling description of the growing threat from Iran explained why the Israeli and Saudi governments immediately endorsed his action.

President Trump’s ultimatum was the most important part of his speech, since he announced that he will kill the agreement unless its many flaws are fixed. Given the low probability that Congress, U.S. diplomats or European officials can devise and implement any substantial changes to the nuclear agreement, the deal’s future is grim.

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