Trump forced Iran to blink — That’s no small feat and makes all of us safer (Fox Opinion, 1/9/20)

Fox News Opinion
By Fred Fleitz

Although senior Pentagon officials and Vice President Pence have said Iran’s missile attack was intended to kill U.S. servicemen, Iranian leaders withheld their better, more accurate missiles and fired about a dozen that they knew would fall short of their targets. In addition, there are reports that Iran sent messages through diplomatic channels warning the U.S. and Iraq about this attack in advance.

Iran has thousands of ballistic missiles, drone and cruise missiles. Iran’s September 14, 2019 attack with drones and cruise missiles against Saudi Arabian oil facilities indicated that the accuracy of Iran’s missile arsenal has vastly improved when 17 out of 19 hit their targets and did significant damage.

Joby Warrick said in a January 7 Washington Post column that there has been a “quantum change” in the capabilities of Iran’s missiles and U.S. analysts have seen “evidence of a vastly improved arsenal of high-precision missiles.” So why did Iran launch such a feckless attack against U.S. forces this week?

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