By Paul Mirengoff

Fred Fleitz has been appointed chief-of-staff of the National Security Council. Power Line has frequently linked to Fleitz’s work, particularly on Iran and the nuclear deal. We welcome his appointment.

Naturally, those who view foreign policy from a vastly different perspective don’t welcome it. And that’s fine. They have every right to attack Fleitz’s positions and the way he has expressed them.

But as is its wont, the left has resorted to name-calling and outright lying. For example, The Washington Monthly, in the headline of its story (written by its web editor) about the appointment, calls Fleitz a “neo-Nazi.” The story provides no evidence to support this slander.

Fleitz is a harsh critic of radical Islam. However, as Rich Lowry shows, Fleitz has been careful to distinguish between his critiques of radical Islam and all Islam.

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