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Ambassador Bolton, withdraw your book (Fox News Opinion, 1/27/20)

Fox News Opinion By Fred Fleitz It was crushing to read weekend press reports that my friend and former boss John Bolton plans to publish a tell-all book on his time as President Trump’s National Security Adviser. The book reportedly

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Iran Is Not Complying with the Nuclear Deal (NRO, 7/14/17)

Iran Is Not Complying with the Nuclear Deal And the U.S. should say so. NATIONAL REVIEW By Fred Fleitz — July 14, 2017 Per the Iran Nuclear Review Act of 2015, the Trump administration is required to certify to Congress

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The Truth About John Bolton, the Iraq War and WMD Diplomacy (Breitbart, 11/22/16)

BREITBART.COM By Fred Fleitz You’re probably heard the criticism of Ambassador John Bolton by the left that he would not be a good choice to be the next Secretary of State because Bolton was an architect of the Iraq War

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