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Obamagate – How Obama administration apparently weaponized intel agencies for political attacks (Fox News, 5/15/20) By Fred Fleitz There is strong evidence that President Barack Obama’s administration improperly weaponized U.S. intelligence agencies in multiple and shocking ways against Donald Trump and other political enemies. It appears the Obama administration did this in a number

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List of Flynn ‘unmaskers’ – here’s what happened and what it means (Fox News, 5/13/20) By Fred Fleitz The list released Wednesday by acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell of top Obama officials who asked to “unmask” former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s name from NSA reporting is the latest bombshell in the

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CNN’s Cuomo Eats Crow After Slamming Analyst Who Suggested Schiff Had Whistleblower Complaint In Advance (Daily Caller, 10/2)

Daily Caller October 2, 2019 By Scott Morefield Former White House Deputy Assistant Fred Fleitz took a victory lap on Chris Cuomo after the CNN anchor was “pretty hard” on his contention that California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff likely knew

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Phone Fight with the Government Shows How Apple Misled the Public (NRO 2/18/16)

NATIONAL REVIEW By Fred Fleitz A few months ago Apple was saying no one could break into its phones. The conflict that arose this week when Apple CEO Tim Cook said his company will resist a court order to provide

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Did Santa Bring You A Smartphone? Uncle Sam Wants The Passcode Is Unbreakable Smart Phone Encryption A Threat To National Security? Congratulations! You got an Apple iPhone 6s for Christmas.  Or maybe it was a Samsung Galaxy S6 Android phone.  Both are top of the line smartphones with sleek designs,

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