Sticking it to Trumpian critics of North Korea (Washington Times, 11/13/17)

By Fred Fleitz



President Trump’s speech to the South Korean parliament on the evil of the Kim Jong-un regime was the best so far of his presidency and has been widely described as “Reaganesque.”

I agree, but the address also resembled an important 2003 speech on the North Korean threat by John Bolton titled “A Dictatorship at the Crossroads” when he was undersecretary of State for arms control and international security. Opposition to this speech was similar to the internal opposition that Mr. Trump’s policies are facing today.

In his speech, Mr. Bolton condemned North Korea’s abysmal human rights record, calling the country a “hellish nightmare” and discussed torture by the regime, including chemical and biological warfare experiments on inmates. Mr. Bolton also gave a devastating indictment of Pyongyang for developing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missiles.

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