Speaking/Media Requests

Fred IIFred Fleitz does frequent TV, radio and print media interviews.  He is a popular speaker and has lectured across the United States on international security topics.  See Fred’s bio page for feedback on his speeches.

Media Interviews

To book Fred Fleitz for a media interview, please email him at fleitz@centerforsecuritypolicy.org  Fred can do media interviews from Washington, DC studios or from HD-quality Skype interviews from his home.


Speaking Requests

If you want to book Fred to speak to your group, please review his bio page for information about his expertise and topics on which he has spoken.  Fred has worked on a wide range of issues in his career and is open to speaking on other topics on request.

Email requests are preferred. Please email Fred at fleitz@centerforsecuritypolicy.org. When con­tact­ing Fred about a speaking request, please spe­cify the nature of the request and whether it requires travel, is time-sensitive, and any dead­line.

Fred’s speaking fees are reasonable.  He flies coach and prefers to drive to locations within 200 miles of Frederick, MD.  Fred travels to New York City from Washington by Amtrak Metroliner.

If you are a cor­por­ate entity or well-funded con­fer­ence, you will be expec­ted to pay for all travel and hotel costs (if applic­able) plus a reas­on­able fee for Fred’s time.

If you are not able to pay for Fred’s time (small college or conference, stu­dent work­ing on a paper, small club) let him know this.  He tries to help out small groups and schools and may be able speak to your group gratis or for a reduced fee while he is in your area to speak to another organization.

All speaking fees are paid to Fred Fleitz’s Company, Fleitz Consulting LLC.


2 comments on “Speaking/Media Requests
  1. John Ker says:

    Those “Frankenstein Missiles” shown on the tracked vehicles of North Korea’s military parade are not real. They are fake. So were the white and gray coned missiles. Your reputation is taking a hit for not writing this in any of your articles sir.

  2. Karen says:

    Listened to your interview tonight on OAN, lots of great points. Regarding notes on the interview of Clinton. My understanding is that Comey did not even interview her, he had some from the department do it!

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