Speaking and Media Requests

Fred IIFred Fleitz does frequent TV, radio and print media interviews.  He is a popular speaker and has lectured across the United States on international security topics.

Media Interviews and Speaking Requests

Contact Fred Fleitz at fleitz@centerforsecuritypolicy.org  or 202-835-9077


Some of Fred Fleitz’s Speeches

February 11, 2014,  Las Vegas Committee on Foreign Relations: Forum on Iranian Nuclear Program
“We all are still thinking and talking about you.  Both during and after the forum, I really  enjoyed hearing your studied insights on Iran and other security issues — and your warm and fun way of interacting with me and the others in the audience  . . . “

March 25, 2014,  Birmingham Committee on Foreign Relations: The Snowden Leaks and American Privacy
“Last night was fabulous. Absolute A plus. We had over 80 people in attendance. All were complementary. One of our best and most timely talks.”

April 12, 2014, Reserve Officer Association of Michigan: Russian Military Power and Situation in Ukraine
“Once again thank you for taking the time to present to our organization last Saturday.  The attendees were definitely interested and we all learned a few new things about Russia and some of things driving their leadership.”

April 15, 2014,  Boise Committee on Foreign Relations: Situation in Syria
“Fred Fleitz could not have been more straight forward and charming in his presentation at the BCFR last evening. He also met with BSU Honors College students, so his short visit to Boise was very well received and appreciated.”

April 15, 2014, Boise State University: The Snowden Leaks and Foreign Policy Career Opportunities

April 16, 2014, University of Idaho:  The Snowden Leaks and American Privacy
“We appreciated the effort you went to in contacting us and working through our various issues . . . My students indicated that they appreciated the combination of surety and nuance in different parts of your talk.”

April 21, 2014, Fairmont State University, Fairmont, WV: The Snowden Leaks and American Privacy
“Thank you so much for visiting with us on Monday. The folks at OSIX certainly appreciated the opportunity to meet with you, and we are very pleased with the turn-out we had for your presentation.”

May 20, 2014, Santa Barbara Committee on Foreign Relations/Channel City Club: The Snowden Leaks and American Privacy. Click HERE to read related press story.

May 30, 2014, Capitol Hill: The IAEA and Iran’s Continuing Nuclear Deception.  Click HERE to watch.

October 29, 2014, Tampa Committee on Foreign Relations: Containing the Threat from ISIS.
“The response from our members was enthusiastic and appreciative.  You covered a wide range of topics and did a terrific job handling the Q&A with short answers to allow more time for questions.”

November 11, 2014, Wichita Committee on Foreign Relations: Containing the Threat from ISIS
“I wish to thank you for your outstanding discussion with us on Tuesday.  Your thoughts were well organized and thoughtfully analytical–clearly the long discussion that followed you prepared comments reflected the interest that you aroused among the group.  I appreciated your bipartisan approach but showed your willingness to stick to your guns when challenged.  There are, in fact, no easy solutions.”

November 19, 2014, Heritage Foundation panel on the Iran nuclear talks.  Click HERE to watch.

January 29, 2015: Iran Truth Squad briefing on Capitol Hill.  Click HERE to watch.

April 16, 2015, Heritage Foundation Panel: The Iran Nuclear Negotiations: Critical Issues.  Click HERE to watch.

July 13, 2016, EMET lecture on Capitol Hill on “Obamabomb” book and one-year anniversary of nuclear deal with Iran.  Click HERE to watch

July 14, 2016, Heritage Foundation lecture on “Obamabomb” book and one-year anniversary of nuclear deal with Iran.  Click HERE to watch.

April 22, 2017.  Reserve Officer Association of Michigan: “The Russian Reset.”

October 17, 2017, ICON Lecture Series, Chapel Hill, NC: “Growing Threat From the Iranian and North Korean Nuclear Programs. “  It was our great honor to host an event with you! We’ve been excited about it all year and of course, even more so as the last weeks played out. Thank you for your flexibility in your approach to the talk and for your time taking everyone’s questions.”


2 comments on “Speaking and Media Requests
  1. Karen says:

    Listened to your interview tonight on OAN, lots of great points. Regarding notes on the interview of Clinton. My understanding is that Comey did not even interview her, he had some from the department do it!

  2. Kooquena LittleOwl) says:

    Just want 2 thank u Sir 4 standing in the Truth 4 our country – over my 59 yrs my heart’s been broken again n again as I’ve watched far 2 many so-called oath sworn trusted servant’s sell our country out 4 a globalist new world order agenda but u’ve stood strong by our country’s God Given principle’s of liberty n freedom –
    I sincerely felt compelled 2 send u blessing’s n appreciation Mr.Fleitz 4 being such an honorable American Patriot! n peace
    Sending much respect/love 2 U n U’r family with my heartfelt prayers!
    Michelle Little-Owl
    Elder of the South Eastern Wampanoug Tribe

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