Some ‘Victory’ ─ Two-Thirds of the Senate and the Public Oppose Obama’s Iran Deal (NRO 9/3/15)

September 3, 2015

News media were beside themselves with glee on Wednesday applauding President Obama for a great diplomatic victory after Senator Barbara Mikulski (D., Md.) became the 34th senator to come out in favor of the nuclear deal with Iran. She handed the president a veto-proof margin against a Senate resolution disapproving of the agreement. The American people oppose the agreement by a 2–1 margin. Meanwhile, President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and their supporters were doing victory laps yesterday because it has won the support of one third of one house of Congress.
There are two reasons why this absurd situation is possible.
First, the president refused to submit the Iran deal as a treaty for the Senate ratify or vote down. The reason was obvious: Ratification would have required a two-thirds vote, and Mr. Obama has failed to persuade the American people that this agreement is in the national-security interests of the United States. A recent poll found that a majority, 64 percent, believe that President Obama and Secretary Kerry have misled the public about the agreement. I assume that this majority grew because of the controversy over secret side deals that allow Iran to inspect itself and that will not be shown to the U.S. Congress.
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