RT Debate on Patriot Act Renewal/Metadata program (6/8/15)

In this debate I faced off against Ivan Eland of the DC-based Independent Institute and Ken O’Keefe, a former U.S. Marine who gave up his U.S. citizenship and now lives in London.

I had never heard of O’Keefe before the RT debate.  I now know that calling him an “extremist” is an understatement.  He claimed during the debate that 9/11 terrorist attacks were an asbestos-abatement conspiracy.   This is a man who thinks Israel was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  He often makes vile comments attacking Israel and Jews.  O’Keefe spoke at the anti-Semitic London Forum in April 2015, an event which featured several neo-Nazis.  O’Keefe has embraced David Duke and constantly appears on Iran’s Press TV. 

I believe O’Keefe has no standing to discuss American national security or constitutional issues. Based on his bizarre 9/11 beliefs and other activities, I question whether O’Keefe is qualified to discuss anything.


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