Pensacola Naval Air Station murders show why we must keep radical Islamist terrorists out of US (Fox News, 12/12/19)

Fox News Opinion

By Fred Fleitz

Another Saudi terrorist receiving flight training in Florida has left a path of death and blood. Again, journalists and federal officials scratch their heads about motive, pretending not to know.

A Saudi military officer’s shooting spree Friday at Naval Air Station Pensacola – murdering three and wounding eight with a Glock-45 9mm pistol that he smuggled onto the base – predictably had pundits and bureaucrats asking why it happened.

The immediate facts indicated the answer: gunman Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani – a 21-year-old second lieutenant in the Royal Saudi Air Force, training with the U.S. military – committed an act of radical Islamist terrorism. He may have had co-conspirators, or at least fellow officers who knew of his plans in advance.

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