Obama Administration Dishes Out Dubious Claims on Iran Nuclear Deal (Breitbart.com 4/6/15)

By Fred Fleitz

Despite over-the-top praise for the new framework nuclear agreement with Iran by the Obama administration, the news media and liberal pundits, Obama officials have made several questionable claims defending it, including some that have been disputed by Iranian officials

Taken together, these statements raise questions as to whether the framework can bring about a final nuclear agreement with Iran that will actually reduce the threat from an Iranian nuclear bomb.  These claims include:

The framework will lead to an agreement that will cut off every pathway that Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon and will keep Tehran at least a year away from a bomb.

Misleading if not false.  Both the American and Iranian governments agree that Iran will continue to enrich uranium and develop much more efficient uranium centrifuges while a final agreement is in effect. Iran also will keep a plutonium-producing heavy-water reactor and an underground enrichment facility that probably was constructed to withstand American or Israeli airstrikes. As a result, any agreement based on the framework would shorten the timeline to an Iranian nuclear weapon by allowing Iran to improve its capability to produce nuclear fuel while it is in effect.

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