Jerusalem Post op-ed: Nine Red Lines for a Good Nuclear Agreeement with Iran (7/7/15)

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Nine red lines for a nuclear agreement with Iran


We call on Congress to insist on a good nuclear agreement with Iran and to hold President Obama to his word.

The Iran nuclear talks have missed the June 30 deadline imposed by US President Barack Obama for a final agreement, but the US negotiators are hoping a deal can be struck by July 7. This is an important date because under the Corker-Cardin bill (the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015), if an agreement is sent to Congress by July 9, the House and Senate will have only 30 days to review it. If submitted after July 9, however, legislators will have 60 days.

We believe the Obama administration has made unacceptable concessions to Iran in the nuclear talks and, as a result, that any agreement produced by these talks will be a very bad deal.

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