Iran Nuclear-Surrender Watch: Thoughts for Congress (NRO, 7/10/15)

Iran Nuclear-Surrender Watch: Thoughts for Congress


July 10, 2015

By Fred Fleitz

The president seems intent on giving away the store, and only Congress can stop him.

 Will there be a nuclear deal with Iran? Maybe, but more delays look likely. The nuclear talks blew through another deadline on Thursday when Secretary of State John Kerry said the talks “will not be rushed” but also said they “are not open-ended.” According to Reuters, the White House said the talks can continue “as long as there is genuine commitment from Iran and the P5+1 partners to resolve issues.”

The question now is not whether a nuclear deal with Iran will be a good deal, but how bad this agreement will be. Based on the multitude of major U.S. concessions that have already been made, including allowing Iran to continue to enrich uranium, develop advanced centrifuges during an agreement, and keep a plutonium-producing reactor, a bad deal is assured.

Making a potential agreement worse are reported recent U.S. concessions, such as dropping demands that Iran account for past nuclear-weapons-related work and agreeing to a $30 billion to $50 billion so-called “signing bonus” in sanctions relief. Iran also reportedly will receive advanced nuclear technology as part of a nuclear deal, including light-water reactors. Ironically, light-water reactors were also part of the 1994 Agreed Framework that was supposed to stop North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

The Center for Security Policy has come up with a list of nine minimum requirements for a good nuclear agreement with Iran that rules out these types of concessions. You can view these requirements here.

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