Fred Fleitz reveals John Brennan suppressed intel Putin wanted Hillary to win in 2016 (One American News, 4/27/20)

One America News, April 27, 2020

A newly written article by a former Trump White House advisor is claiming that there is some new intel disputing the idea that the Russian government really wanted Donald Trump to win in 2016,” One America News noted, introducing Center President Fred Fleitz. Fleitz joined Jack Posobiec to present crucial information regarding the 2016 presidential election that was covered up by John Brennan.

Fleitz noted that the House Intelligence Committee was told that “there was compelling intelligence that Putin wanted Hillary Clinton to win the election and wanted Donald Trump to lose.” The reason for this was that “Clinton was a known element… Trump was an unknown element.” Had this information been more widely known, it “would have been a game changer,” said Fleitz with respect to the Russian collusion narrative.

Fleitz believes that this particular Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) “was a very strange assessment” due to the fact that a hand-picked group of analysts wrote the it, as opposed to letting all experts weigh in as is customary in these kinds of reports.

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