Fred Fleitz: Obama ‘Blatantly Ignored’ Iran’s Nuclear Violations (Newsmax, 5/5/18)

By David Patten

At least one U.S. national-security expert was unfazed by Israeli Prime Minister’s revelations of a treasure trove of intelligence data documenting Iran’s rogue program to develop nuclear weapons.

Fred Fleitz, a long-time CIA officer and congressional intelligence adviser who now serves as senior vice president for the Center for Security Policy, warned back in July 2016 that the Obama administration ignored the possible military dimensions, or PMD in weapons-control parlance — of Iran’s nuclear program.

Iranian leaders have always insisted their nuclear program was peaceful.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday revealed over 100,000 secret files and documents related to a nuclear-weapons program that Iran had denied ever existed. He said the documents proved the nuclear deal with Iran was “based on lies.”

But that came as no surprise to Fleitz, who warned of an Iranian nuclear cover-up in his 2016 book Obamabomb: A Dangerous and Growing National Security Fraud. The Netanyahu revelations essentially confirmed the findings in Fleitz’s book.

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