Fred Fleitz debates GOP letter to Iran with the far left (RT 3/12/15)

In this debate with two far-leftists — Hillary Mann Leverett and Jim Lobe — I was confronted with Leverett’s preference to talk about Israel’s nuclear program and her bizarre claim that the GOP letter to Iranian leaders on the nuclear talks was due to racism against Obama.  Leverett apparently thinks it is fair for Iran to have nuclear weapons because Israel has them.  The host, Peter Lavelle, believes we must recognize Iran’s “right” to nuclear technology because it is a signatory to the NPT.  I told him Iran should not have such a right because it is a state sponsor of terror and has violated its NPT treaty obligations by pursuing a covert nuclear weapons program and refusing to cooperate with IAEA inspectors.

The refusal of Leverett, Lobe and Lavelle to acknowledge that Iran is a state sponsor of terror was strange.  I would have mentioned Supreme Leader Khamenei’s November 2014 nine-step plan to eliminate Israel if I had more time.

Both panelists refused to acknowledge reports of links between al Qaeda and Iran and laughed what I mentioned this.  These links include:

July 2011: Treasury Targets Key al-Qaeda Funding and Support Network Using Iran as a Critical Transit Point
April 2013: Canadian officials foil plot directed by al Qaeda in Iran to blow up train from Toronto en route to New York
February 2014: Treasury Dept accuses Iran of working with Iran
February 2015: Bin Laden documents show secret Iran-al Qaeda ties

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