Chinese Regime’s Responsibility for Coronavirus Pandemic (Newsmax, 3/18/20)

By Fred Fleitz

Watching CNN and MSNBC these days is painful with their unending commentaries blaming President Trump for the spread of coronavirus in the United States. I believe history will show that all Western countries made mistakes in the way they initially reacted to this pandemic.

It is clear there were systemic problems in all Western health systems to deal with this kind of health threat. Such problems in the United States at the federal, state and local levels predate President Trump — his administration did not cause them.

At the same time, the mainstream media and Democratic politicians do not want to discuss the cause of this global pandemic: China’s communist regime.

The president’s critics refuse to give him credit for his decisive action that may greatly reduce the severity of coronavirus in this country. His decision to suspend flights from China into the United States made a huge difference in keeping us safe as did his decision to block non-U.S. citizens from Europe flying to the U.S. Europe’s failure to bar flights from China probably led to the crippling surge in coronavirus cases in Italy and its rapid spread across Europe. Germany only ended flights from Iran this week.

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