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Former NSC Chief Of Staff: Schiff ‘Broke’ Rules, ‘Should Recuse Himself From This Impeachment Inquiry’ (Daily Caller, 10/3)

Daily Caller By Dan Krayden October 3, 2019 Former CIA officer and National Security Council Chief of Staff Fred Fleitz tweeted Tuesday that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff “broke committee rules” and “should recuse himself” from any impeachment proceedings

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Gertz interviews Fleitz on election meddling (Washington Free Beacon, 11/6/18)

Outgoing NSC chief of staff Fleitz warns foreign states of ‘dire consequences’ for interference in midterms

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Trump Aide Fred Fleitz Takes Helm of Security Think Tank ( 10/15/18)

Fred Fleitz takes over DC national security think tank.

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Fleitz Praises President Trump’s Pick of John Bolton as New National Security Adviser

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How Benghazi Hearing Could Hurt Hillary’s Presidential Run (IBD 10/27/15)

According to congressional Democrats, the mainstream media and even some conservative journalists, Hillary Clinton “won” last week’s marathon Benghazi Committee hands down with a masterful performance that showed her to be a leader who is calm under pressure. But is

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Iran Pact’s Secret Side Deals: A National Security Fraud –, 9/1/15

Investor’s Business Daily According to the Obama administration, there are no secret side deals to the nuclear agreement with Iran. And if there are, it’s not true that Iran will be inspecting itself. And even if Iran will be inspecting

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AP: Iran to Inspect Itself Under Secret Side Deals (National Review, August 2015)

The Associated Press reported on August 20 the details of a secret side deal giving the details of how Iran will collect samples for the IAEA to resolve questions about past nuclear weapons-related work.  Below are four National Review articles

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Fred Fleitz discusses secret side deal to Iran nuclear agreement with Newsmax, 8/21/15

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Fred Fleitz discusses secret side deals to Iran nuclear agreement with The Blaze, 8/20/15

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Fleitz and Gaffney discuss Iran nuclear agreement with The Blaze (8/17/15)

Fred Fleitz and Frank Gaffney discuss the Iran nuclear agreement in a Blaze documentary.  Click HERE to watch.          

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