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Heritage Foundation Panel on future of Iran nuclear deal (2/21/17)

Fred Fleitz, former IAEA official Olli Heinonen, Institute for Science and International Security Presideny David Albright speak to a Heritage Foundation panel chaired by Heritage senior fellow James Phillips on the future of the nuclear deal with Iran.  

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Fred Fleitz debates NIAC President Trita Parsi on Iran (CGTV, 2/7/17)

China Global TV (CGTV) Fred Fleitz debates Trita Parsi (NIAC), Gustavo Martinez (Mexican journalist) and Adam Creighton, economic correspondent for “The Australian” on Trump policies on Iran and Mexico and Trump travel ban.    

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‘Putting Iran on Notice’ Means Restoring American Credibility (NRO 2/4/17)

NATIONAL REVIEW By Fred Fleitz Trump should tear up the nuclear agreement. After declaring that “Iran is on notice” for a recent ballistic-missile test and for missile attacks against a Saudi ship by Houthi rebels, and then announcing new U.S.

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Trump Should Shred Iran Deal During Netanyahu’s Visit (Newsmax 1/27/17) By Fred Fleitz One of President Trump’s many achievements this week was repairing our relationship with Israel. The president told Sean Hannity during an exclusive interview on Jan. 26 that he has already repaired these relations that were seriously

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Yes, Trump’s Going to Dump the Iran Deal (11/14/16)

NATIONAL REVIEW By Fred Fleitz In the days following Donald Trump’s victory, a variety of experts — mostly Trump critics — pronounced that, despite Trump’s frequent statements during the presidential campaign that the July 2015 nuclear deal with Iran is

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Former New York Times Reporter Declares Thou Shalt Not Criticize Obama’s Iran Deal (NRO 10/26/16)

National Review By Fred Fleitz In an October 23 Washington Post book review, former New York Times reporter Elaine Sciolino is sharply critical of a new book on Iran by Wall Street Journal writer Jay Solomon, The Iran Wars, because

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Another Day, Another Secret Obama Side Deal with Iran (NRO, 9/30/16)

NATIONAL REVIEW By Fred Fleitz — September 30, 2016 According to a September 30 Wall Street Journal article, the Obama administration signed a secret agreement with Iran to lift U.N. sanctions from two Iranian banks — Bank Sepah and Bank

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Yes, Obama and Clinton Are Responsible for the Birth of ISIS (Newmax, 8/12/16)

Obama’s and Clinton’s incompetence are undoubtedly responsible for the birth of ISIS.

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First anniversary of Iran nuclear deal marred by massive cheating (Fox News 7/14/16)

The Iran nuclear deal is national security fraud

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Tear Up or Renegotiate the Obamabomb Nuclear Deal with Iran? (NRO, 7/14/16)

The nuclear agreement has no legitimacy and does not restrain Iran sufficiently.

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