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Trump forced Iran to blink — That’s no small feat and makes all of us safer (Fox Opinion, 1/9/20)

Fox News Opinion By Fred Fleitz Although senior Pentagon officials and Vice President Pence have said Iran’s missile attack was intended to kill U.S. servicemen, Iranian leaders withheld their better, more accurate missiles and fired about a dozen that they

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How a CIA officer should file a whistleblowing complaint against the President (NY Post, 1/3/20)

          New York Post By Fred Fleitz There’s a proper way for a CIA whistleblower to complain about a president. The anonymous CIA whistleblower who set off the Ukraine impeachment brouhaha did it wrong. I would know —

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Trump Has an Iran Plan and Proved It With Strike on Soleimani (Newsmax 1/3/20) By Fred Fleitz Former Obama State Department press spokeswoman Marie Harf claimed on Fox News last night that President Trump didn’t have a plan to deal with Iran and the only solution to the surge in tensions was for

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Pensacola Naval Air Station murders show why we must keep radical Islamist terrorists out of US (Fox News, 12/12/19)

Fox News Opinion By Fred Fleitz Another Saudi terrorist receiving flight training in Florida has left a path of death and blood. Again, journalists and federal officials scratch their heads about motive, pretending not to know. A Saudi military officer’s

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Fleitz Discusses Impeachment with Chris Cuomo (CNN, 10/8)

Click HERE to watch.      

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Fred Fleitz to Newsmax TV: Inquiry a ‘Travesty of Justice’ (10/8/19) October 8, 2019 Refusing to bring the impeachment inquiry up for an official vote in the House is depriving Republicans from the right to call witnesses, setting up President Donald Trump for a “travesty of justice,” according to Center

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‘Apology not necessary’: CNN guest gloats after he is proven right about whistleblower contacting Adam Schiff staff (Wash Examiner, 10/3)

Washington Examiner By Tim Pearce A GOP analyst took a shot at CNN host Chris Cuomo for discounting his analysis and suspicion that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff knew about a CIA whistleblower complaint before it was officially filed.

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Impeachment charade must END (Twitchy, 10/3), October 3, 2019 Former NSC official Fred Fleitz who you might recognize from another Twitchy article on Schiffty Schiff took it upon himself to write a fairly epic and brutal thread talking about the Left’s desperate spin to defend

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Jay Sekulow Alleges Whistleblower Complaint Written By Law Firm (Daily Caller, 9/27/19)

Did the intelligence whistleblower have outside help?

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Former CIA official on whistleblower: ‘How could this be an intelligence matter?’ (NY Post, 9/26/19)

Was the intelligence whistleblower pursuing a political agenda?

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