‘Apology not necessary’: CNN guest gloats after he is proven right about whistleblower contacting Adam Schiff staff (Wash Examiner, 10/3)

Washington Examiner
By Tim Pearce

A GOP analyst took a shot at CNN host Chris Cuomo for discounting his analysis and suspicion that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff knew about a CIA whistleblower complaint before it was officially filed.

Fred Fleitz, formerly a CIA analyst and House Intelligence Committee staffer, appeared Tuesday on Cuomo Prime Time and posited that Schiff knew ahead of time the details in the whistleblower complaint that has ignited a push toward impeachment by House Democrats.

Fleitz’s analysis was proved correct a day later when it was reported that the whistleblower had contacted Schiff’s staff on the House Intelligence Committee before filing a complaint with the Intelligence Community inspector general, who is responsible for investigating corruption in federal intelligence agencies.

“You were pretty hard on me last night on @CNN last night [sic] @ChrisCuomo when I told you that I assessed @RepAdamSchiff probably knew about the CIA whistleblower in advance. We now know from the NYT that I was right. Apology not necessary,” Fleitz tweeted on Wednesday.

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