After coronavirus pandemic ends, investigations must review responses by China, US and others (Fox Opinion, 3/29/20)

Fox News Opinion
By Fred Fleitz

While work to find treatments and a vaccine to protect us from the coronavirus accelerates around the world – and as we sadly see a growing number of hospitalizations and deaths caused by the virus – it’s not too early to plan how to review the American and international responses to the pandemic once it has ended.

A review of what went wrong and what went right in dealing with the coronavirus as it first emerged in China and then spread around the world is necessary both to assess accountability and to prevent future worldwide disease outbreaks. Improving the global response to the next outbreak is quite literally a matter of life and death.

The mainstream media publish and broadcast stories every day claiming President Trump and his administration could have handled this crisis better. Naturally, like other governments around the world, the Trump administration made some initial mistakes in dealing with this unprecedented crisis.

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